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Hello, and Welcome to Piles Of Hygge (pronounced hyoo-guh),

We are a family owned, small business, run by me (Jen) and my husband Daniel, powered by the moral support of our son, Ezra, and golden retriever, Moose.

Piles of Hygge was born out of a passion for hunting down minimalist, cozy, and meaningful clothing for ezra while creating the perfect capsule wardrobe.

The capsule wardrobe promotes mindful living and a sense of simplicity. Natural, comfortable, and timeless clothes that can be worn over and over again (both from quality and fashion perspectives). It's this simple and beautiful concept that fuels my desire to share a hygge capsule wardrobe with all the moms out there.

Thank you again for visiting the coziest little corner of the internet. We hope you enjoy!


Jen, Daniel, Ezra, and Moose

Feel free to contact us at with any questions. 


Why Choose Piles Of Hygge?

Our International Labels

We offer a hyper-curated selection of cozy and neutral wardrobe staples from international labels.

Our collection is compiled of small labels, many family-owned, from all over the world who are committed to slow, sustainable, and ethical fashion.

Piles Of Hygge is a way to purchase and support this small family-owned business, as well as a variety of small international family-owned businesses, free from extended shipping times, international shipping costs, customs fees, or currency conversions.

Sustainable & Ethical

Our brands we work with are committed to emphasizing slow fashion, a more sustainable clothing climate, and fairly made pieces.

What does that mean?

> Each piece is timeless and well-made, and can be worn season after season.

> Each brand we work with has a great relationship with their manufacturer and knows that each piece made is fairly produced with worker’s who’s rights are always prioritized.

> Organic cottons are always used when possible.

> The labels we work with are all small businesses who do not mass produce trendy clothing, minimizing tons of waste. Each collection is produced in small batches with timeless designs in mind.

There are so many other ways to be sustainable and ethical and we will continue to make each choice with these two key factors in mind.

We Give Back

In addition to doing wonderful things for your little one(s) wardrobe, Piles Of Hygge is determined to do even more to help fight one of the most frustrating and preventable catastrophes plaguing new families - the crippling cost of NICU medical bills. That’s why we will be donating a portion of every sale to helping families focus on fighting for their newborn’s life instead of the financial burden of medical bills. A portion of every purchase made will go towards helping families navigate through the toughest periods of their lives.

We also offer the option to ‘Send A Care Package’ to help make mom and dad’s time spent in the NICU just slightly more tolerable with a thoughtful care package.

When you purchase this NICU Care Package, we will personally deliver it to a family going through one of their most challenging and frightening times of their lives. While baby is fighting to stay strong, mom and dad are feeling helpless and trying to stay positive. Maintaining that positive outlook is challenging, but we hope that bringing a gift - from a complete stranger - will make them feel less alone and chip away at the boulder of worry they’re carrying.

Each NICU Care Package will include comfort snack foods, a ‘Tiny Warrior’ onsie (custom designed by Ruby and Parcel), a warm beanie for Baby, a warm and cozy throw blanket, hand moisturizers, lip balm, and water bottles (you’d be shocked by how difficult and how long it takes to get water at the hospital).

Care packages will be hand delivered to NICUs at our local hospitals: Holtz Children's Hospital at Jackson Memorial Hospital and Joe Dimaggio Children's Hospital.

As we grow we hope to be able to expand our hospital partners.

This cause is incredibly close to our heart and we hope you'll find a sense of pride while shopping with a cause.